Happy Mother’s Day!

Between my own moms and all my friends who are moms, I’m surrounded by moms all the time. I know that old boring stereotype — that women are catty, competitive with each other, jealous, petty, blah blah blah.

Mostly: bullshit. In all my time spent with my mom friends and women in general, I’ve rarely experienced anything like that.

On the contrary, it never fails to amaze me how women come together to support each other, lift each other up, and maybe most importantly and impressively, love each other’s kids.

To my moms and all my mom friends who let my kids curl up in their laps when I can’t be there, don’t bat an eyelash when my kids take their clothes off when we’re out to dinner with them, are willing to talk about our kids endlessly, are just as excited about every kid milestone and upset about every kid setback, also willing to not talk about the kids as much as possible, have an open door policy for my kids if I ever need somewhere to drop them off last minute, challenge me to always show up to a workout and understand and encourage (read: never judge or guilt me over) the need to prioritize myself, listen and laugh about the gritty motherhood stories and only try to “one-up” when it’s to say something their kid did WAY worse, understand that play dates are completely dependent upon nap schedules and don’t care when I show up 2 hours late or not at all, open their kitchens for us to drink wine in, and somehow do all of this while managing households, holding multiple jobs, cooking meals, packing school lunches, hanging up horrible artwork that doesn’t match their home decor, keeping multiple school and extracurricular activity schedules straight, maintaining marriages and friendships —

Happy Mother’s Day!

I love all of you badass chicks. You’ve made this ride much more fun and I couldn’t be the mom I am without any of you.

One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Great post! Happy Mother’s Day! I honestly love your approach to motherhood (via your hilarious posts on IG) and I hope to be as laid back as you are when my kids are creek stompin’ and commanding pizza joints 🙂


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