Vote for our countertops and backsplash!

We’re remodeling our kitchen.  Or at least we’re supposed to be but the project hasn’t even started yet and we’re already over a month behind.  But nobody cares about that.  The thing you came here for is the poll!  Because who doesn’t fucking love a poll?!

I’m pretty decisive when it comes to what I want in my kitchen.

In a word: WHITE.

I want it to look like someone threw a grenade filled with white paint right into the heart of my home.  But cleaner.  (Obviously this is a pipe dream and in reality it will be much dirtier.)  I want white cabinets, white countertops, white backsplash, white everything.

The only thing I’ve been wavering on is what to do for the backsplash.  After careful consideration I decided there’s no way I’m getting any kind of color in my backsplash.  I considered grey tiles and the glassy looking colored subway tiles.  They’re both a no.  If we’re doing a tile backsplash, then it’s going to be white subway tile with white grout (colored grout also a no).  I KNOW that white grout could be a nightmare in a kitchen, especially a kitchen that gets as much use as mine with children crawling (OK, walking) all over the countertops and spilling shit all day long.  And I really don’t want to live my life in fear of shit getting spilled on my backsplash.

Somewhere in this thought process the idea of a solid slab backsplash really started to stand out and now I’m pretty much set on it.  I love the clean streamlined look it has, I think it would make our kitchen look much more open and airy, and it would be by far the easiest option to keep clean.  Of course it’s also the most expensive option but I have good taste, what can I say?

We narrowed our options down to two quartz patterns: Borghini Gold and Minuet.

Borghini Gold (below) has more of a traditional “marble” feel with fewer, thicker veins.  The color leans more to the brown/tan (hence: “GOLD”) than grey which I didn’t think I’d want but the overall impact is a more subtle look.


Minuet (below) has much more marbling and an overall pattern and leans more toward grey than brown/tan which, when I saw it in person seemed to lend itself to a more stark appearance.


And here they are side-by-side:


So tell us what you think!

Are you a Borghini Gold or Minuet fan?  OR do you just think I’m insane for wanting an all-white kitchen with my psycho children?!!


5 thoughts on “Vote for our countertops and backsplash!

  1. We put white grout in our master bathroom (didn’t ever discuss options with the contractor, just what we ended up with) and I have SO MUCH REGRET. It’s really gross looking. I need to get down with some bleach.


    1. We have white grout in our bathroom too. I definitely have a little regret but I really can’t stand colored grout. It’s a completely different look! That’s why we have to do the solid backsplash in the kitchen!


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